Stratsis Incite has assembled the leading multi-disciplinary team focused on risk assessment and analysis of the African continent in economic development-investment, energy management and transnational security. Our employees and advisors have unmatched combined expertise in economic-investment and development, government management, and security. The complementary knowledge, skills, experience and relationships give Strategic Incite a unique understanding of the African continent.

Stratsis Incite is a premium professional services firm, leveraging the significant security, government, business, and investment experience of the firm’s officers, employees, Advisory Board members and affiliated consultants. Our clients include commercial firms of all sizes seeking to enhance their revenue and bottom line, and also federal, state and local, and international  government agencies.

We help our clients to understand the complex and shifting political- government landscape.  Stratsis Incite also makes equity investments in security-oriented companies with promising technologies where we assess that our unique expertise and insight can add value to a company and rapidly accelerate the company’s growth.

Why choose us:

Insight on the issues that matter. We combine business acumen  and expertise in the public-private  sector to advise clients on how policy affects economic-business and government interests. Other consulting firms can devote time to learning about the issues, but we know the ins and outs of the policy-making process and how it affects business.

Strategies grounded in analysis. Our strategic services are informed by fact-based analysis. We bring an analytical perspective that is based on analysis, not opinions.

We know a lot… about a lot. The Strategic Incite team boasts a depth of knowledge of the range of issues and industries that affect the the whole African continent. Our subject matter experts can speak about everything from economic security to foreign policy.

We’ve been there. We don’t just talk about something we read – our insight comes from being on the ground shaping policy, analyzing data, and running businesses.

Energy :Few industries are as vital to the world’s economy as oil and energy. Stratsis Incite’s specialists also can protect technology and develop business-continuity plans in the event of a disaster or attack.
Stratsis Incite’s Services

* Business intelligence
* Security consulting
* Crisis-management
* Environment, health and safety consulting
* Security analysis and implementation

Financial: At a time of stricter government regulations and greater global challenges, financial institutions are under increasing pressure to minimize their exposure to accounting fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and other risks.

We help financial institutions meet and exceed regulatory requirements and strengthen existing compliance plans. Stratsis Incite’s worldwide network of financial specialists provide investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, US and foreign banks, and other institutions with comprehensive risk analysis and procedures for evaluating and monitoring accounting practices, transactions and business dealings.

Political Risk Management:   Companies with cross border interests in unstable or emerging markets face a volatile risk environment that requires careful planning and management. We work in partnership with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, global corporations, traders and exporters, to help them mitigate and manage their risk exposures utilizing a full service political risk management practice.  Our team of experts provides comprehensive but flexible solutions, designed for the complex requirements of their global operations. Our services include in-depth program assessment, crisis management consulting,  and political risk analysis solutions.

The result is an in-depth review of your vulnerability to political and economic risks, and value-at-risk financial exposures. The audit is especially useful for firms with large overseas operations, either directly or through their suppliers.

Political and Economic Risk Map

The Political and Economic Risk Map is a review of political and economic risks facing corporations doing business globally. It provides an invaluable guide to trade credit and political risk insurance markets’ perceptions of key risks around the world. Specific risks featured in the map include government interference, legal and regulatory risks, currency and credit risks.

Terrorism Risk-Analysis Management: In an increasingly complex world Terrorism risk management has never been more important for organizations to protect their interests. Global extremists aim for sensational destruction and loss of life, and give no warnings. Domestic groups in many countries are becoming more sophisticated. And you do not have to be the intended target-even an attack near your facilities could result in human casualties, property damage, business interruption, relocation costs, long-term damage to reputation and loss of public confidence.

The Stratsis Difference: Understanding the risk.

Built on a reputation for innovation and excellence, our team is one of the strongest in the market. Our unique approach to political risk management, which combines country analysis, crisis management consulting, global broking expertise and a dedicated, in-house affairs specialist, continues to make us the logical choice.

Key benefits of Stratsis services:

  • Gain a real understanding of your risk and accurately quantify your financial exposure
  • Identify where and how you can protect your supply chain, reduce potential liability, guard against business corruption, and strengthen your business resilience.
  • Make informed and justifiable decisions about security risks.
  • Protect your assets with the most appropriate and cost effective ways.