Tanzania looks at natural gas as source of economic development

As most nations, Tanzania is always looking for new ways for economic development. Natural gas just might be the answer for Tanzania.

Tanzania is a blessed country with natural resources which could make any developing country green with envy and the discovery of natural gas is one example of the richness of the country.

For UK based gas specialist Eng. Teddy Chungu, the success of the ongoing construction of a natural gas distribution pipeline for compressed natural gas (CNG) from Ubungo to Mikocheni by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) will only be pronounced when gas flows into the distribution pipeline and residents of Mikocheni are able to utilise natural gas for domestic and industrial purposes.

According to the international gas specialist, 57 houses at Mikocheni will soon be lit with natural gas. Ultimately, we will see industries at the Mikocheni Light Industrial Area use natural gas to power their boilers.

Eng. Chungu says, “This will be a success – It will be a signal that all parties involved are committed to tap into the country’s virgin natural gas reserves.” True to his word, the mega natural gas distribution project undertaken by main contractor, BQ Contractors Limited in a joint venture with UK based Excellium Construction Limited is near completion courtesy of the quality partnership between the client and the contractor.

And the involvement of experts like engineer Chungu has incredibly proved credible in the transfer of knowledge and technology to local work-force but mainly underlined on BQ’s enterprising experience as a trusted partner in the expanding fuel and gas industry.

With expectations running high on the achievements made by natural gas exploration companies, Eng. Chungu feels that the discovery of virgin gas reserves in the country is an enormous stimulant to economic development in Tanzania.

While natural gas is set to become a major source of energy and fuel, the engineer notes that Tanzania has the ability to export natural gas to other countries, especially to Europe which is currently experiencing depreciating reserves.

Natural gas might attract foreign investment in the energy sector if the outcome is viable. That depends on the infrastructure for extraction, shipping the gas domestically and abroad. An opportunity has presented itself, and it is up to the Tanzanian government to layout the right plan.

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