Toyota opens assembly plant in South Africa

Toyota has opened a taxi manufacturing plant in Durban, South Africa.

Toyota South Africa has opened the R70-million Toyota Ses’fikile minibus taxi assembly line at its manufacturing plant at Prospecton in Durban, creating 300 new jobs, and the government is keen for other manufacturers to follow suit.

The plant has begun semi knockdown (SKD) production of the popular 16-seater Quantum Ses’fikile, which has one seat more than the imported 15-seater variant.

Ninety new jobs were created in the assembly line’s start-up phase, as well as 210 new positions in up- and downstream suppliers and service providers support the line.

The Ses’fikile joins Toyota South Africa’s local production of the Hilux, Fortuner and Corolla model ranges, which are locallty manufactured, and its entire range of Hino trucks, which are locally assembled, strengthening the company’s position as South Africa’s largest vehicle manufacturer and exporter.

Toyota’s made-in-South Africa models are currently exported to 57 countries, and the Ses’fikile and Hino-ranges are exported to neighbouring Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.

Once the first phase of localisation has been completed, Toyota will have the ability to deliver up to 15 000 Ses’fikile units to the southern African market. Initial production volumes are estimated at 10 000 units.

Good increased manufacturing capacity for South Africa with the addition of the plant.  Further cementing a manufacturing base in South Africa, which is Africa’s leader. Past few years manufacturing  capacity has grown in South Africa. Past few years Mercedes-Benz opened a plant in East London. With such investments, the South African manufacturing sector, especially in cars and trucks is on a fast track for long term success.


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