Month: April 2012

Libya: Rebuilding through sports

Sports in Libya are taking off in a big way, the sports that were once banned have returned, and Libya prepares for the Olympic games in 2012.

The return of boxing is looked at and how it’s being used to train a new generation of fighters and champions.

Regardless of the nation, culture, sports are of a vital importance.  They unite people, a nation. Towns, cities, and even entire nations can put aside their differences for a little bit and unite for a few hours to cheer on their favorite team, player. That’s power.

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Tourism in Libya

The end of the Gaddafi regime brought new economic opportunity for investment and development in Libya. With new leadership in place, foreign investment is being welcomed with open arms.

Tourism in Libya is an industry still in its infancy but one that will gradually start growing. The country is best known for its ancient Greek and Roman ruins and Sahara desert landscapes. There are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, three of which are classical ruins. The Roman cities of Sabratha and Leptis Magna in Western Libya and the Greek ruins of Cyrene in the East are big tourist attractions. One of the attractions of Libya’s archeological sites, is that they are not as heavily populated by tourists as are other ancient sites in North Africa and southern Europe.

With great cultural sites, and rich traditions, the tourism sector can be key to the country’s economic growth. Having relied on the oil and gas industry for so long, diversifying Libya’s economy is crucial for long term growth and prosperity.

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NATO takes on Somali Pirates

The Danish warship HMDS Absalon has freed 12 hostages and taken on board 16 suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia. It is a successful end to their six-month deployment under NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield.
But Denmark now faces a dilemma. Unless a country in the region can be persuaded to take them ashore and prosecute them, the suspects will have to be set free again in Somalia.

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