Yahoo! planning to launch in South Africa

U.S. internet portal site Yahoo, getting ready to enter South African internet market.

Yahoo!, one of the largest Internet companies globally, is planning to launch a search and news portal in South Africa.

The company announced on Twitter that “Yahoo! South Africa brings you in-depth coverage of news from South Africa and around the world including finance, sport, entertainment and breaking news”.

On 27 October the company tweeted “1 month till launch. Stay tuned! #Yahoo!SouthAfrica.”

Technology blog Techcentral reported that a Yahoo! spokesperson confirmed that they will be launching a service in South Africa soon, ‘but declined to provide any further information’.

Google currently has a dominant position in the South African search market, and through their local presence has established a strong foothold in the local online advertising arena.

From the information available, and unlike Google, it looks as if Yahoo will not rely mainly on search for traffic, but rather on news. It will therefore take on news portals like News24,Howzit.MSN and IOL.

The URL currently redirects to the Yahoo! UK website, and it is assumed that this will become the home of the local Yahoo! website in future.

Yahoo!’s competitors, Microsoft and Google have established a presence in Africa.  Yahoo is trying to catch up to to them by entering the South African internet market.  The more competition, the greater choices people will have.  When it comes to online businesses, web portals, there is only room to grow since the market is starting from a relatively low point compared to other regions around the world like IN Europe and the U.S.. Yahoo!’s addition will greatly enhance the internet landscape and create more opportunities for local growth and development.

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