Nissan to launch electric car the Leaf in South Africa

The Nissan Leaf

Nissan will launch its only electric environmentally friendly car in 2013 for South Africa.  South Africa will become the first African nation to have the leaf on its roads.

Nissan is planning to launch its entirely electric car Nissan Leaf in South Africa in 2013.

The current World and European Car of the Year is on show at the Johannesburg International Motor Show and according to SA Managing Director Mike Whitfield will be brought to South Africa ‘as soon as government policies allow’.

The Nissan Leaf, released in 2010, is available to buy in countries keen to embrace eco-friendly vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint across Europe, Japan and the US and has sold more than 12,000 units so far.

Nissan has been in talks with the South African government over a potential launch within the next couple of years if the market is deemed ready.

“I am delighted to announce that we are intending to bring the Nissan Leaf to South Africa in 2013, subject to confirmation of government policy on charging infrastructure and customer incentives,” said Whitfield.

“This very special car is the world’s first mass-market EV, and has already brought affordable, practical and enjoyable zero-emission mobility to thousands of people.”

Expect more car brands to follow suit as more growth is expected to come from African nations, which have younger demographics and growing consumers with more disposable income to spend. Here is some background information about the Leaf from Nissan’s Director of Product Planning and Advanced Technology Strategy, Mark Perry.

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  1. it about time a car company gave the oil companies etc a run for their money with the high oil prices.The goverments world wide always talking about global warming which is i think alot of cods woble as they rake in millions which never gets used for what they tell us. so good for Nissian.

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