Alvarion 4G network coming to Uganda

Alvarion’s 4G network is being rolled out across Uganda.

Ugandan local reports said that Alvarion and Foris Telecom Global launched 4G networks in Uganda and Mozambique. The result could be a renewed push to move the new mobile technology into Africa as a whole.

When contacted, both companies said they could not immediately speak to the media about the 4G contracts, but one official did confirm that the companies are planning to make a joint statement this week to reveal the full nature of the 4G networks in both countries.

According to one technology reporter in Kampala, the new network will enable broadband service to both businesses and personal homes. Also, the reporter said that according to their sources, both countries’ local governments are looking at using the new 4G network.

Alvarion president and CEO Eran Gorev noted that the company has over 70 commercial 4G deployments in Africa in a press statement, but did not elaborate.

This development will transform the region and increase economic development. Having access to information and internet access is crucial in today’s globally connected world.

The benefits of 4G have yet to completely blossom, for the implications of a 4G network may be larger than we currently understand. Remember what cell phones did for the telecommunications industry; globally, there are now more than five billion cell phone subscriptions, and more people are expected to own cell phones by 2011 – making land line phones practically obsolete.

If developed successfully, 4G wireless Internet service may set a similar pattern, forcing wired Internet providers to expand their value and services if they want to stay relevant. More importantly, with the Internet potentially available to everyone everywhere, barriers are removed, collaboration is improved, and the market may feature a wider assortment of novel applications and tools to make use of this ubiquitous connection.

4G represents an evolution in the way we use the Internet, and the future certainly looks bright.

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