Algeria looking to buy Russian Mi-28NE attack helicopters

Algeria is in talks with Russian arms company Rosvertol about buying some Mi-28NE attack helicopters.

Russia’s Rosvertol attack helicopter producer said on Monday it is in talks with Algeria over exports of its Mi-28NE for delivery from 2012-2017.

“A commercial proposal has already been sent [to Algiers] and discussions will begin this year,” Rosvertol General Director Boris Slyusar said. “We hope to sign a contract for delivery in 2012-2017.”

Rosvertol is the attack helicopter arm of the state-owned Russian Helicopters holding company.

If successful, the deal will be the second export sale of the night-capable Mi-28NE, which is currently being introduced to the Russian armed forces. Venezuela ordered ten Mi-28s in 2010, but they have not yet been delivered.

The Mi-28NE is a two-seat dedicated attack helicopter, equipped with a mast-mounted millimeter-wave fire control radar and advanced night vision optical systems.

The machine is armed with the Ataka anti-armor missile system.

Algeria already operates the Mi-25, an export derivative of the Russian forces Mi-24 attack helicopter.

Mi-28NE is the name of the export version of Mi-28N helicopter -the “Night” version of the twin-engine attack aircraft Mi-28- named “Night Hunter”, compared to which it features innovations such as a radar positioned over the main rotor and improved vision and aim systems.

Here is video demonstration of the Mi-28NE.

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