LG’s 3D smartphone to hit South Africa in June 2011

South Korean electronic giant LG, will soon release 3D smart phones beginning in South Africa June of this year.

South Africa is gearing up for the arrival of what’s expected to be the world’s first mainstream 3D mobile phone in June this year. LG Electronics officially unveiled the LG Optimus 3D smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “South African consumers can expect to be 3D mobile from June this year and we think they’ll be pleased with what this smartphone is able to offer in terms of a full 3D experience,” said Dr. Michelle Potgieter, Marketing Director of LG Electronics South Africa. According to LG, the Optimus 3D showcases LG’s unique “tri-dual” configuration – dual-core, dual-channel and dual-memory. The phone manufacturer said the Optimus 3D offers the world’s first full 3D experience and introduces the world’s first dual-core, dual-channel and dual-memory architecture. LG said the tri-dual configuration allows for simultaneous and fast transfer of data between the dual-core and dual-memory. “Users can browse web pages, multitask between programmes, play games at a higher frame rate and enjoy movies more smoothly and for longer than ever before,” LG said. Another major feature is the 5 megapixel dual lens camera, which allows for recording, viewing and sharing of 3D content with friends directly onto video sharing site YouTube.LG has promised a selectable interface between 2D and 3D and users can also view their 3D content on their phone’s 4.3 inch screen without the use of glasses.“With the new LG Optimus 3D anyone anywhere in the globe can film 3D videos, upload them to YouTube and share them with all their friends. We’re excited to see the artistic videos our community captures and shares with this new stylish and innovative mobile technology,” added Potgieter.

3D is now being integrated in numerous electronics from tv’s, smart phones and hand-held game systems.  Having and showing off such technology in Africa is logical since the middle class is growing rapidly and the consumer base is expanding with unlimited potential.
Here is video description about the phone.

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