Durban will host the 123rd IOC session in July

In it’s attempt to be awarded and host the 2018, South Africa will try impressing the officials of the Olympics Committee to secure a bid to host the Winter Olympics.

As Durban prepares to host the next International Olympic Committee (IOC) session, the President of South Africa’s Olympic committee is hoping the country impresses ahead of a likely bid for the 2020 Games.

The 123rd IOC session will be held in Durban in two months’ time, at which the host for the 2018 Winter Games will be announced.

Gideon Sam said the meeting on July 4-9 was “another opportunity to show world leaders in sport what we can put together in this country”.

South Africa is intent on submitting a bid for the 2020 Games, with Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg expressing formal interest while Durban itself has emerged as the frontrunner.

After hosting a successful FIFA World Cup during the summer, a South African city would be the first in the continent to hold an Olympic Games.

It looks as though South Africa will have to fight off competition from Istanbul, Madrid, Doha and Dubai for the Games in 12 years time. London will host the Games next year, while Rio takes over the mantle in 2016.

This opportunity is a direct result of successfly hosting the 2010 summer world cup.  The investment is just starting to payoff for South Africa as more and more global sporting-cultural events now can vision having their respected big events in South Africa.

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