Trade between U.S. and Morocco doubles

Two way trade between the U.S. and Morocco has doubled since 2006.  That year Morocco and the US entered into a Free Trade Agreement and bilateral trade between the two countries has since doubled, reaching $2.6 billion last year. More and more US companies are taking advantage of the growing economic opportunities thanks to the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with Morocco the only African country that has an FTA with the US.

a delegation of US corporate leaders traveled to Morocco to explore the rapidly growing business and investment opportunities it has to offer across a variety of sectors. Representatives from nearly 20 US companies, including Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, FedEx, Raytheon, Motorola Solutions, and General Dynamics IT, met with private sector leaders and top Moroccan government officials at a time of tremendous bilateral growth between the US and Morocco, a key hub for accessing markets in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East…………….At the conclusion of the delegation’s visit to Morocco, LaMar Willis, General Dynamics IT VP of Strategic Program Development commented, “I think that the Moroccan government here is very progressive. Logistics-wise, Morocco is very strategically located—with good sea ports, airport infrastructure, and road investment. I think Morocco presents good opportunities and I would encourage US businesses to consider it. There is a very clear indication from the Moroccan government that they want US businesses and are willing to work with us.”……………………….Earlier this month, Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company, opened a new tire sales facility in Casablanca, Morocco.  Bridgestone, which “aims to further strengthen its business in Morocco’s highly promising market,” called Morocco “a key region in which rapid economic expansion can be anticipated.”………..

” Morocco has witnessed in the last decade, substantial political, economic, social and legal reforms and has made considerable progress in enhancing the investment climate to attract foreign direct investment,” said Rabia El Alama, Executive Director of The Moroccan-American Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca. ” Morocco offers almost infinite opportunities for US businesses interested in using this country as a platform for production and export to other regional markets. Morocco is becoming a regional hub for key industries such as aeronautics, automobile, IT and off-shoring, as well as a distribution hub for North and Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.”

Nothing cements a relationship between two countries quite like trade and economics.  This is a clear example of that and shows the need for other African nations to seek trade agreements with the U.S.

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