Paramount Group showcasing new armoured vehicle

Mbombe 6x6 - Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Paramount Group is showcasing a new armoured fighting vehicle for the global arms market.

European defence manufacturers are facing strong competition in the form of new ground breaking vehicle technology developed in Africa.

Paramount Group, Africa’s largest privately owned defence company, is at the forefront of this trend and is showcasing its latest vehicles at International Armoured Vehicles 2011.

The African defence giant, which is at IAV at the request of its customers, is showcasing its range of ‘new breed’ infantry fighting vehicles following the successful launch of its latest vehicle, Mbombe, in Johannesburg in late 2010. Since then Paramount Group has experienced healthy levels of interest in the vehicle from armed forces across the world.

Mbombe is a revolutionary six wheeled infantry fighting vehicle that is ideally suited to cope with conventional and non-conventional threats.

Commentators have branded Mbombe the ‘holy grail’ of modern vehicle design because of its flat hull – as opposed to the traditional V shape – giving it a reduced target profile, yet still boasting better armour that many vehicles used by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Executive Chairman of the Paramount Group, said: “Europe is waking up to the fact that African manufacturers, scientists and engineers are producing world class products for the global defence sector. European defence experts and buyers are very excited by Mbombe. Many believe that this is the IFV that forces from across the world have been waiting for because it is versatile enough to handle a number of different roles.”

Ichikowitz continued: “South Africa’s defence industry has an established record at the cutting edge of mine protected vehicle design and development. Now Paramount Group is using its advanced research and development, harnessing the latest technology, to take that innovation to the next level and deliver a new breed of armoured vehicle to the global market.

“We are attending IAV 2011 to show the European market that Africa has a long tradition of armoured vehicle design, the skills and expertise to provide the very best in armoured vehicle technology, offering superb protection, reliability and affordability.”

David McDonald Joyce, Paramount Group’s Business Development Director, will reveal more about the Group’s development of the next generation of mine protected vehicles on day one of IAV 2011’s Conference.

David McDonald Joyce said: “We are at IAV at the request of our customers and in response to a growing level of interest from forces across the world. The reality is that modern forces require versatile and adaptable vehicles that can handle both traditional operations as well as newer threats, such as counter insurgency. Our vehicles meet these challenges which is why I think we are experiencing increased interest from buyers.”

A great showcase to the rest of the world about the capacity and advancement in technology that can be produced by an African defense company. Last year Vietnam was looking at buying missiles for it’s navy from Denel Dynamicsm, a south African defense firm. This once again shows that when it comes to research and development of arms, African companies can compete on the global scale. Whether it is unveiling a new space agency, being recognized as the highest quality production marker of Mercedes-Benz in the U.S., Africa can compete globally.

More information and video highlights about the Mbombe

Background history on Paramount Group’s beginnings.

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