South Africa gets ipad fever


It’s official, ipad fever has taken over South Africa.

After Apple’s iPad launched in South Africa at midnight on Thursday 27 January 2011, local distributor Core Group said they saw significant interest and sales in the product. Electronic and technology retailers Incredible Connection revealed 70 percent of its iPad stock had already been sold nationwide.

Although rumours and speculation are rife that Apple are set to announce its latest version of the iPad, South African consumers still flocked to retail outlets to buy the world’s most renowned tablet.

All six versions of the Apple iPad are available to buy eight months after its international debut. Out of all models, the most popular were the upper end 3G models, accounting for 85 percent of sales.

Prices start at R4399.95 for the basic 16 GB Wi-Fi versions and go up to R7599.95 for the 64GB 3G enabled device.

Incredible Connection CEO, Dave Miller said: “We were expecting a rush, however, as soon as word got out that the iPad was here, right on cue, there was pandemonium at some of our stores during the weekend.”

Miller revealed that manufacturing capacity had meant a delayed release in South Africa and even though a second version of the iPad is imminent, consumers simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to purchase the tablet.

“Demand for the iPad globally has been so huge that production simply hasn’t been able to keep up, causing delays in release of the iPad in South Africa as well as limiting the amount of stock made available now,”

“A lot of South Africans are not going to wait for Version 2, however. What matters is that they can get their hands on an iPad of whatever sort right now,” said Miller.

The fact that demand is so high just reflects the growing consumer market in South Africa.  Growing consumer demand isn’t limited just to South Africa, but Africa as a whole in general has a growing middle class with increasing purchasing power.  Something that needs to be noticed and taken seriously by foreign investors and firms. The upside is tremendous.

Here is a good ipad video about the device.

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