South Africa bid likely for F1 calendar in 2013

F1 motor racing marked to return to South Africa after 20 years

After hosting the 2010 World Cup, South Africa is in pole position to bid for a chance to host a Formula one event in 2013.

South Africa could be a part of the Formula One calendar in the next two years if the race circuit’s founder, Bernie Ecclestone, has his way.

Ecclestone invited the Cape Town Grand Prix Bid Company to present its proposal in London, potentially before the Bahrain GP.

Last year, Ecclestone had also expressed a desire to bring F1 to Africa

The Briton  said: “[Africa] is another continent where we should be. Hopefully, now people will think what the World Cup has done for Africa would be good for Formula One.

“It would be nice to think we had then more or less covered the world.”

The planned 5.3km-long circuit will run through the Green Point area of Cape Town, with the track passing the renowned V&A Waterfront and the Green Point Soccer Stadium which hosted a number of games during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Cape Town Grand Prix Bid Company will be using The Monaco Grand Prix as inspiration for the proposal, with Table Mountain, Lions Head and the Atlantic Ocean providing backdrops for the event.

Esther Henderson, the company’s chief communications officer, told Cape Argus: “Green Point is ideal for a street circuit like the one in Monaco because we have so many beautiful natural sights in the area. So while Monaco is the ‘French Riviera’ we can have the ‘African Riviera’ in Cape Town.”

Cape Town is keenly looking for ways to best utilise its newly-built, R4.4 billion football World Cup stadium.

South Africa last held a Formula One race at Kyalami in 1993, which was won by French driver Alain Prost a year before the country’s first democratic elections.

This comes after South Africa’s successful hosting of the 2010 World Cup. That opportunity to show the world, that an African nation could host an international event-tournament, have everything go to plan allowed South African  and Africa as a whole to gain positive prestige.  The eyes of the world have been opened now about having internationally known events taking place in Africa.

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