Latest South African Missile Achieves Qualification

South African defense giant, Denel Dynamics missile, known as the Mokopa is ready to be sold on international arms market.

Denel Dynamics announced on Tuesday that its new air-to-surface missile, the Mokopa, has been successfully qualifiedand is now ready to be released on to the market. The Mokopa was originally designed as an anti-tank weapon – specifically, in the South African context, for the Denel Rooivalk attack helicopter. However, it has also been developed into a multi-purpose weapon, for both regular and irregular warfare operations. The Mokopa has a range of more than 10 000 m, and can be fitted to vehicles and fast jets as well as to helicopters. It can be supplied with semi-active laser guidance or imaging infrared guidance systems, and anti-tank or multipurpose warhead options. During the trials programme, the Mokopa’s performance was validated using the anti-tank warhead and semi-active laser guided version of the missile. The firing trials were conducted at the Denel group’s OTB test range near Bredasdorp in the Western Cape province, these trials concluding on January 21. The Mokopa represents the next generation of anti-tank/multipurpose air-to-surface and surface-to-surface missiles developed by Denel Dynamics. The company’s current missile in this category is the Ingwe, which was also originally an anti-tank weapon but later adapted to become a multipurpose missile. The Mokopa’s maximum range is roughly twice that of the Ingwe. The Mokopa has a mass of 49,8 kg, a diameter of 178 mm and a length of 1 995 mm. In its anti-tank version, it can penetrate more than 1 350 mm of rolled homogenous armour.

Another milestone for Denel Dynamics.  I’m sure this will be heavily marketed on the international arms market along with their well known Umkhonto missile.

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