Mercedes-Benz South Africa Awarded Top Award For Quality Production Cars Sold in U.S.

Mercedes-Benz 2010 C-Class

Mercedes-Benz South Africa has been recognized for it’s quality and work by receiving 2010’s award for best quality production.

The achievement marks the second year running in which MBSA manufacturing plant in East London, which produces the C-Class Mercedes model for the local and U.S. market, has been presented with a quality award by the JD Power and Associates US Initial Quality Study (IQS).

This time around, the firm, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global company, Daimler AG, has outdone its own earlier achievement.

Last year, the plant received the 2009 IQS Gold Plant Quality Award for producing vehicles yielding the fewest defects and malfunctions of any plant in the Europe and Africa region that serve the U.S. market.

However, MBSA’s latest award is for producing vehicles yielding the fewest defects and malfunctions of any automotive plant supplying the U.S. market, with only 28 defects per 100 vehicles.


President and CEO of MBSA, Dr Hansgeorg Niefer, said: To receive such an award despite the relentless pressure and stresses of the global recession over the past two years, points to the brilliant quality of our people and processes.

Brian Walters, Vice President of EMEA operations at JD Power and Associates, added: Daimler’s East London plant has been a top performing plant and its achievement in 2010 is particularly impressive. Daimler’s rigorous quality management processes are a key reason for why the brand has been able to assemble consistently high-quality vehicles in different regions of the world.

This is great news not only for South Africa, but also the local Mercedes-Benz affiliate. Daimler’s investment and expansion in South Africa is paying off.  This recognition by a respected global firm will go a long way in cementing the image as African nations having the ability to produce quality products. Lets hope rest of world begins to take notice.

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