Africa launching its first data center

Africa is launching its first commercial data center.  West Africa Data Centres is taking the bold step to launch the first commercial large-scale data centre, in West Africa.

dcWest Africa Data Centres is opening its first datacentre in Accra in 2011. We will be the first

commercial carrier-neutral co-location facililty serving the entire west african region.

WADC is a private consoritium of established international investors who are living and based in Ghana. We are seeking fulltime staff for hire immediately.

This is another sign that Africa is gradually moving up the chain in technology and Information technology businesses .  Although not up too or comparable to American and European data centers, this is still a major mile stone for local African markets as websites-applications hosted in the region, rather than further away in U.S., Europe, would be delivered much faster and with greater efficiency due to closeness in geography. Existing businesses that host their own applications can outsource some of their applications to the data centers thus saving on cost. I expect that with competition, pricing would be reviewed downwardly.
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