Chinese sends largest surface ship to join anti-piracy patrol off Somalia

China is sending one of its largest surface ships (lss), the 210 meter (689 foot) long 071 class LPD Kunlan Shan, to join the anti-piracy patrol off Somalia. The first 071 class ship entered service over two years ago. These LPDs are  20,000 ton amphibious ships with a flight deck for up to four helicopters and a well in the rear for landing craft. It normally carries four hovercraft in the well and two smaller landing craft suspended on davits. The ship can carry up to 800 troops (500 is more common) and up to 20 armored vehicles. The 071 class ships are similar to the American 25,000 ton San Antonio class or the French 21,500 ton Mistral class. The 071’s have the smallest crew (120), compared to 180 in the Mistral and 396 for the San Antonio.

Armament consists of a 76mm gun, four 30mm anti-missile autocannon and four 18 tube decoy/chaff dispensers (for anti-missile work). A second 071 ship is under construction. Each one is believed to cost about $300 million.

It’s believed that the 071 headed for Somalia is not carrying a lot of troops or any armored vehicles. But there are two Z-8 helicopters on board, each capable of carrying up to twenty troops, and the landing craft can be used to go after pirates. Some naval commandos are probably on board, as these troops have been seen, several times, practicing landing on cargo ships (via helicopter or small boats).

The Kunlan Shan is the largest Chinese warship to be sent on anti-piracy duty. The previous five rotations (each four months long) have included frigates and destroyers.

Video of Chinese LPD in action of the Somali Coast. Audio is in Chinese.

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One comment

  1. Teach the Somali youth how to fish but don’t give them fish (ransom money) as the Europeans and Americans are doing.

    Warlords taught the Somali youth the basics of ‘hunting and gathering’ at gun point in errands for the warlords and erroneous West in the killing fields of Somalia.

    Who has a better idea? Isn’t the fish under their boats worth millions of dollars?

    The money for operating the flotilla of Frigates is more than what it can take to make the coastal townships African ‘Hong Kongs!’

    I never thought civilised states could adopt ‘ Much Ado About Nothing’ as their foreign policies!


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