U.S. and Mozambique Announce Military Exercise:SHARED ACCORD 2010

MAPUTO, Mozambique - Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Olson, U.S. Embassy in Maputo's senior defense official and defense attach, speaks to members of the Mozambique press corps during a briefing to announce Exercise SHARED ACCORD 2010, July 23, 2010. Olson, along with officials from the Armed Forces for the Defense of Mozambique (FADM), announced the coming exercise, which is an annual, scheduled, combined, bi-lateral U.S.-Mozambique event designed to build partner nation capacity for conducting peace and stability operations.

Mozambique and US agree to hold military exercises later on this year.

“This exercise is part of a solid, long-term, multi-faceted partnership between the U.S. and Mozambican militaries,” said Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Olson, defense attache at the U.S. Embassy in Maputo. “Hundreds of members of both our armed forces will participate together in various types of military training, including command post, live-fire training, and peace operations, as well as sharing their experience.”  The troops will also jointly provide free medical and dental care to three local communities, and rehabilitate two schools during the course of the 15-day exercise, according to Olson.

“We are confident that this exercise will help develop Mozambique’s capabilities to offer additional security for its neighbors, keep Mozambique itself more free from threats to its own security, such as illegal fishing, trafficking in drugs or other illegal activities, or even the threat of piracy, and enhance its ability to effectively fight against poverty here at home,” Olson added.

SHARED ACCORD is an annually scheduled, combined, bi-lateral U.S.-partner nation event. This year, Mozambique is host for the event, which is designed to build partner nation capacity for conducting peace and stability operations, according to Captain Kate Vanden Bossche, public affairs officer for the exercise. Previously, SHARED ACCORD has taken place in locations such as Benin, Ghana, and Senegal.

Members of Mozambique’s Armed Forces for the Defense of Mozambique (FADM) also met with exercise planners July 23, to coordinate logistical and security support for SA10.

The exercise, which is coordinated for U.S. Africa Command by its Marine component, U.S. Marine Forces Africa, is scheduled to conclude August 13. All U.S. service members will return to their home bases in Europe and the United States at the conclusion of the exercise.

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