Africa Business Conference and Trade Fair

This month’s Africa Business Conference and Trade Fair in Baltimore, Maryland will bring together over a hundred dynamic small business owners and entrepreneurs, from the United States and Africa, looking for new opportunities and business relationships in Africa.

The global impact of the economic downturn has sparked the need for new ways to network and do business. The conference mission also aligns with President Obama’s new National Export Initiative program, which calls for doubling exports within the next 5 years.

The conference is presented by Diversity Restoration Solutions(DRS), Inc., a Virginia-based international trade development firm along with multiple sponsors including Diaspora Interactive Media, the parent company of  DRS is a Virginia based international trade development and cultural diversity training consulting firm specializing in linking together U.S., Africa and African Diaspora businesses and organizations with trade, commerce and cultural relationships on the African continent.   This is their second annual business conference.

The line up of speakers include a good mix of very knowledable Africa and trade experts and high ranking officials in the Obama administration and African Union. Keynotes include The Hon. Florizelle Liser, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa, Her Excellency Amina Salum Ali, African Union Mission Ambassador to the United States,  Anthony Newton, Bureau of African Affairs-U.S. Dept. of State, Watchen Harris Bruce, Vice President, PNC Bank, Janee Louis-Pierre, U.S. Export Assistance Center, Mauricio Vera, Director, USAID Office of Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization and Dr. Gail Kettlewell, George Mason University, International Community College Project, Sierra Leone.

African embassy trade representatives from Ghana, Malawi, The Gambia and other countries will participate.

“What we do is unique in the United States,” said Eric Sheppard, President of Diversity Restorations, “Other conferences focus on large corporations already doing business internationally. We focus on helping small and minority businesses to restore trade and cultural relationships with Africa. ”

Traditionally, these types of conferences have priced out small business owners by charging exorbitant attendance fees.  This is the second year this conference has been put together, opening the doors to business owners and entreprenuers with interests in expanding into some of the worlds fastest growing markets.  The conference which runs from June22-24, is a great opportunity for small business owners to discover new opportunities in new markets as well as find out how to position themselves as an export ready business.

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