IBM to Support Local IT in Tanzania

IBM begins to expand its footprint in Africa, by helping to fund local home grown computer talent.

Dar Es Salaam — IBM, a company that deals with information technology, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to support the adoption of Information Technologies and education.

Under the agreement, IBM will support the government’s vision to build IT environment around the University of Dodoma, the ‘Silicon Valley’.

According to Country General Manager, IBM East Africa, Mr Anthony Mwai, the company will under the agreement, facilitate collaboration with US universities on research projects in the area of smarter cities, cloud computing and business analytics.

He added that, IBM will also support the Ministry in developing and implementing better access to technology and educational resources for Tanzanian universities and Secondary Schools, especially in interior areas of the country.

The agreement further underscores IBM’s commitment to Tanzania and the importance of information technology in the country’s development by leveraging cutting edge technologies.

Both sides, the US and Tanzania will benefit from this partnership. This will only enhance and deepen the economic trust for both parties.

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