Government accountability and Transperacy in Kenya

A Facebook update in Kenya.

A Facebook account has been set up for Kenyans to report pharmacists who give them fake drugs.

The site will provide a forum for those with complaints about sub-standard and counterfeit drugs in the Kenyan market to alert the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

The move is part of an ambitious campaign by the board to regulate the industry and protect the public.

Consumers can report adverse drug reactions, counterfeit products, and unregistered practitioners through the social networking site.

The initiative is part of the board’s service charter launch activities and the 90-day Rapid Results Initiative unveiled on Monday by Medical Services permanent secretary James ole Kiyiapi.

Prof Kiyiapi said the move would help bring about attitude change, especially among consumers.

“An effective awareness campaign among all stakeholders at the initial stage is essential to overcome scepticism,” Prof Kiyiapi said.

A fortnight ago during the Pan Africa Media Conference, President Kibaki welcomed the use of new media in government, a trend the board seems to have taken up.

President Kibaki also proposed the use of new media to fight vices such as corruption and nepotism as well as addressing environmental challenges.

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